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L’Alpe-du-Grand-Serre, France

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This resort in the northern Alps is in the Matheysine area of Isére.

The area served by lifts goes from 1,400m to 2,200m with 55km of runs served by lifts. Although not as popular as some of the other resorts, L’Alpe-du-Grand-Serre, with its shaded northwest-facing slopes offers runs to suit all skiing skill levels. Because it sits between the southern and northern Alps, it partakes of both weather systems and some of its slopes often have good snow when other slopes do not.

Those who manage the resort try to keep it as skiing used to be without all the hustle and bustle you get from the big resorts. Even though it’s only 45 minutes from Grenoble, you won’t find it very busy. It has a limited number of hotels and apartments, so visitors are not so plentiful. You’ll want to call ahead to make sure you can find a place to stay. If you’re looking for all the amenities of a good ski resort at an affordable price, this is the one you should explore.


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