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La Covatilla

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This is one of the newest Spanish resorts. It has 11 steepish trails covering almost 15 kilometers and 11 snow cannons to provide a more snowsure and larger alternative to Serra da Estrela. There are no black runs at La Covatilla, only 7 red, 7 blue and 3 green runs. La Covatilla is well connected with the other big Spanish cities: Salamanca is 78 kilometers away and Madrid is situated at a distance of more than 202 kilometers away from this resort.

La Covatilla ski resort

As a tip, the accommodation is too expensive and there is also too much ice in the area. It can be described as a dry place without any trees, which is bad news for snowboarders. In addition, be careful with the road, because driving the downhill is usually a terrible experience. However, people are kind and polite, and also food around here is excellent.

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