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Kupres ski resort, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Located in the town of Kupres in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this ski area is about 143 km from Sarajevo International Airport. This area is located about 1120 metres to 1150 meters above sea level.

The Kupres ski area was affected by the recent wars and tourism is only beginning to be revived there.

This area averages 55 days of snowfall a year due to its proximity to Dinaric Alps. The total length of the ski runs is 13 km and there are paths of varying difficulties in this ski area. Most of the slopes are geared to Beginners level.

There is a ski school for adults and children. There are four lifts in Kupres Ski resort. Included are two one Double chair lift and a baby lift along with two T-bar surface lifts. The total uphill capacity of the lifts is 5000 skiers per hour.

For accommodations, there are plenty of villas, cottages and hotels around this mountain. Due to the strong Mountain winds, snowstorms are common. There are many restaurants in this area.

The average temperature in this area is 5.7˚C with about 55 days of snowfall a year. Kupres ski resort offers day and night skiing along with snowboarding. Après-ski activities include hiking, trekking and visiting the Blidinje National Park nearby.


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