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King Pine, East Madison, New Hampshire

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King Pine Area is located in New Hampshire specifically in East Madison. It is strategically located with a drive of about 5 and ½ hours from New York City or 2 and ½ hours drive from Boston. The location is covered in the valley thereby protecting visitors from chilly weather as experienced in other mountain skiing locations.

King Pine Area

With time King Pine has developed into a magnificent mountain location for families. The place is ideal for winter sport enthusiasts. The consistent snow conditions with the friendly atmosphere towards families makes the place very attractive for ski enthusiasts  to come back to year after year.

It consists of 16 ski trails that are served by 6 lifts. The various winter sports that can be enjoyed at King Pine are snow tubing, night skiing, ice skating and Nordic skiing.  

I planned a ski holiday with my neighbours, who had never been skiing. We decided that we would try King Pine because it was close to many other bigger ski areas that would accommodate my family's expert level.

The instructors at King Pine were wonderful. My neighbours and their three children were taught correctly, which was a concern that I had from the start. They thrived and were soon maneuvering down the beginner trails.

I would highly recommend King Pine to families just starting out in the sport. The instruction packages are very reasonable and the attention given to the students is very personalized. Kudos to the instructors for properly teaching people about our sport!

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