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Turkey is a beautiful country that lies in both Europe and Asia. This radiant country has a spectacular culture. Turkey is fast becoming a major tourist spot for the world as its history and natural beauty is attracting more and more people every year. Turkey has something for everyone who comes here.

And if you are a ski enthusiast, then you will have the greatest time in this country. There are many ski resorts in Turkey where you can have an exceptional skiing experience. One such wonderful resort is the Kartalkaya Ski Resort. This ski resort lies in the Koroglu Mountains of Turkey and is very famous for the skiing opportunities. In fact, it is one of the top three winter sports arenas in the country.

Kartalkaya ski resort is around 54 kilometres away from the Bolu City Centre and thus, is easy to access. The best ways to reach this resort is by taking a flight to the Istanbul Airport and cover the remaining distance of 300 kilometres by road. Once in the resort, you will be mesmerized by the quiet atmosphere and amazing scenery that will welcome you to this place.

This resort is situated in the varying heights which range from 1,800 m. to 2,221 m. Kartalkaya receives about 3 meters of snowfall on an average every year. The ski season in this resort normally starts from mid-December and ends in the mid of March. If you want the soft and powdery kind of snow to ski then you should visit this resort as soon as possible in the season because the snow becomes slushy in the later part of the season.

You will find all kinds of skiing options in the Kartalkaya ski resort. You can have a great time at its Alpine skiing slopes, take a skiing tour of the mountains and also enjoy some cross country skiing. All of the slopes are very nicely groomed and styled and you will have a great time while coming down from them. Since these slopes may get a little foggy sometimes, it is essential that you stay inside the groomed and marked boundaries of the trails. Otherwise, it may be dangerous for you.

The best thing about skiing on the slopes of this resort is that you don't have to wait in queues for your turn on the lifts. There are as many as seven lifts in Kartalkaya resort which can transport about 4750 people per hour.

The coaching and ski rental facilities are also available in this resort. This resort also has two great hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

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