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Jingyuetan Ski Resort, southeast of Changchun, China

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Jingyuetan ski area is located to the southeast of Changchun city. Jingyuetan Ski Resort is located on the south of the Jingyue Lake among the forests. This area is only 16km from the city centre. The resort encompasses over a hundred natural peaks, numerous forests and an attractively looking lake in the centre of the mountain range. The area swathes 80 square kms and boasts forest coverage of 58.6%. The ski area also has a wide range of unusual plants and animals. Lately, tourist facilities were recognized to meet the needs of the tourism industry. A large variety of tourist functions were added and among these, the ski-resort gets benefited by being the most popular resort all over.

The ski resort brags of a gifted location, landscape beauty and natural resources. Being different from most of the other skiing resorts, the resort is notable for its unique skiing area. Moreover, the resort is blessed with a skiing period of 120 days that is November to March next year. It is considered one of the best alpine and cross-country ski resorts in the world. The ski resort comprises of clear weather, exigent slopes, and a perfect soft small-grained snow. T he resort boasts one of the longest ski slopes in Asia and is known for excellent natural skiing conditions and reasonable prices.

At the resort there are a total of five trails categorised for beginners to intermediate. It boasts of a cross country trail that is 5,000 meters in length, two alpine trails that are each 1,200 meters long and a sled-way which is 1,616 meters. The three elementary runs are 580 meters, 470 meters and 300meters long respectively with an average width of 30 meters. All of these are just ideal for beginners. The intermediate one is 1470 meters long, 35 meters wide and 15 degrees slope which are suitable for middle-level skiers and all type of non-competitive contests. For advanced skier one possesses a spirit of challenge, so one can try the cross-country trail which is 2.5 kilometres long.

The best way to get there is to take a taxi, about RMB30 one way. In peak seasons, mini buses are also accessible from the People's Square which reaches this area directly. On ordinary days bus 102 runs to the area from Sanmalu which lies near to the Hualian Department Store. Accommodation and dining are excellent in the resort.


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