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Igrista ski resort, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Located near Sarajevo in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this small ski resort has earned a name for itself. It is built on a mountain range on which the highest peak is 1406 metres above sea level. It is located on the main road from Zvornik to Sarajevo, in Vlasenica, and was built during the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

The vertical drop is 331 metres and the average slope has 41% incline. This ski resort is also called Veliko Igriste.

This ski mountain has three surface lifts, each with a length of 900 metres and with a capacity of 850 skiers per hour.  The lift starts from a position of 1019 metres above sea level and ends at the altitude of 1350 metres from which the entire picture postcard landscape of Sarajevo is visible.

There are three main slopes in this ski mountain most of them allotted to intermediate skiing. There is a large variety in the length of the slopes, inclines and expertise levels in skiing.  There are two mountains in this range called big (Veliko) Igriste which is about 1,405 metres in altitude and little (Malo)Igriste which is 1331 metres in altitude.

Activities here include skiing, snowboarding and also hiking and trekking in the neighbouring mountains.

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