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The ski resort Hestra is found in the south of Sweden, an area not typically known for its skiing opportunities. Hestra is considered to be one of the smallest ski resorts in the Europe, situated amongst stunning scenery and beautiful panoramic views.

With contemporary amenities the resort is ideal for those wanting an efficient and minimalist ski adventure, free from business and noise. The most important area within Hestra is the Isaberg resort, one of the larger ski resorts to be found in the south of Sweden.

There are eight pistes at Hestra, which are suitable for all levels of skier, from beginners and intermediates to more advanced levels, all accessed by eight lifts. Hestra also practices night skiing, a novelty for people unused to partaking in this activity, but truly spectacular.

There is some snowfall at Hestra between the ski season of January to March, however artificial snowmaking facilities are in place to ensure a ski experience. Hestra also offers ski instructors for those just starting out.

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