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Hermon Mountain, Hermon, Maine

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Hermon Mountain located at an altitude of 1600 - 2040 meters can be visited throughout the year. During winter this mountain gets 8 feet of snow. Due to this the ski slopes remain well blanketed  making the 21 trails of this ski resort smooth to ski on. The lower slopes of this region are used for snowboarding and skiing during winter.

Hermon Mountain

Many come to this place to experience its fabulous beauty, to play in the snow and for a ride in the cable car. Visitors can participate in various activities like sledding here as well. It is not very difficult to find hotel rooms here, nevertheless since Hermon Mountain is a popular holiday destination it is better to make your reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

Hermon Mountains is a great place to hang out with skiing mates; this is what attracts people from far off places to this region.

This is a great, family friendly little mountain. I took my nieces there as they are low level intermediate skiers. They really had a grand time and enjoyed all of the trails. The lifts are a little on the slow side but patience is a virtue. The lodge looks new and the food was definitely good. The women working in the cafeteria were not friendly at all. This is a nice mountain for beginner and intermediate skiers.

Hermon Mountain

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