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Feclaz-Saint-Francois, France

ski hotels

The area has thirteen ski lifts, twenty-eight slopes encompassing fifty km, and 140 km of runs for cross-country skiing. The area sits on a plateau that overlooks Chambery, which is where the nearest airport is located (less than two hours drive time). Besides skiing, you can ice skate, take mountain biking trips, go for walks and go hiking.

There are half a dozen restaurants in the area offering local, Italian and French food, and more than a dozen hotels, chalets and bed and breakfasts. You can also rent some furnished homes, and there are two campsites in the area, should you like to rough it.

The area also has a number of festivals and celebrations over the course of the year, and several are during skiing season. In the evenings, there are several night clubs for drinking and dancing.


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