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Erlonghsan Ski Resort, Erlongshan Scenic Reserve, China

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The Erlonghsan ski resort, located in the Erlongshan Scenic Reserve, is a family-friendly, popular resort with 8 slopes; 2 for beginners and 6 for intermediate and more advanced level skiers. One lift will take ski enthusiast up to 228 meters above sea level during the 170 day long ski season, which runs from November to March. The scenery is beautiful, with the Erlongshan lake snugly positioned between two mountain ranges.

The International Freestyle Skiing Competition and other festivals in the area attract many visitors, making Erlongshan a very popular resort. For those who don’t ski or prefer a day off the pistes there are many other things to do such as tobogganing, skating, football, visiting the sauna, and singing karaoke. Accommodation is available in hotels, guest houses, and villas. Different kinds of food, from traditional style Chinese to western style food, can be found in the resort. Because of the natural beauty of it surroundings, the Erlongshan resort is also a great destination during other seasons. 


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