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Erciyes ski resort, Turkey

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Turkey is a beautiful country lying in Eastern Europe . This amazing country has a history of thousands of years and a culture that attracts people from all over the world. Turkey has many tourist destinations where you can have a memorable vacation.

For example, if you are a ski enthusiast, then Erciyes Ski center is a great place for you to enjoy some good quality skiing. This amazing ski resort lies on an extinct volcano in the eastern part of Cappadocia .

This resort is situated on the Erciyes Mountain which lies in the south of Kayseri town. This resort has a 5 month long ski season that starts from 20 th November and ends around 20 th April. Located just half an hour away from Kayseri , Erciyes Ski center provides a great option a day trip or a long ski vacation. It is quite easily accessible as the airport is only 45 minutes away.

This ski resort lies in the varying height between 2,200 m to 3,100 and has the best climate for skiing. It gets an average snowfall of 2 meters every year. The snow quality is also exceptional and it is perfect for skiing. You will find it to be powdery and clean. The snow stays fresh for a long time due to the cool environment of this place. This resort also has the facilities for summer skiing which you can enjoy after the snow melts in April.

During winters, apart from alpine skiing, you can also enjoy heli-skiing and take a ski tour in this resort. The slopes are well marked and groomed, so it is easy for even a beginner to ski in this resort. Even though, Erciyes Ski Center has slopes which are suitable for everyone, but if you still want to brush up your skiing skill or want to get on your skis for the first time, then you can also take skiing lessons from qualified instructors in this resort. You will also get all kinds of skiing equipment on rental here.

The facilities and services in this resort are quite good. There are two t-bars and two chairlifts to take you to the peaks. There is also a first aid center and clinic in this resort. You can also get good accommodation in the hotels near this resort, but it is recommended that you book it in advance. All in all, Erciyes ski center is a nice place to relax and enjoy for few days on your next vacation to Turkey . The best thing about this ski resort is that it is not very crowded or over-developed.

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