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England skiing

England ski hotels
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Skiing in England, just like in Scotland, is different from skiing in the Alps. The mountains (hills) are much lower and snowfall is not exactly reliable..

You may not select England as your next skiing destination, but if you are already in the country and fancy a day on the slopes, it could turn out to be a lot of fun.

England has a number of ski resorts catering to different levels, so be sure to find out more about the different resorts before making your choice.

Yad Moss and Swinhope are the two main resorts, offering mainly steep, wide slopes, ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders.

The English version of après-ski is-and how could it not be?-having a beer in the pub near the slope. Most of the skiing in England is made possible by volunteers and local farmers and depends on your cooperation to keep the areas tidy and organized. Day passes are sold, but visitors are encouraged to become a member of one of the ski clubs by buying a membership for a year.  

Browse England ski resorts:

» Raise ski area
» Snowdome
» Swinhope
» Yad Moss

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