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Davos is a beautiful mountainous tourist resort which has been interestingly called “Landschaft Davos”, meaning Landscape Davos. Maybe, it has its name because of why the locals and the foreigners love this Swiss little town: the miraculous and still virgin mountainside surrounding this tourist area. Davos is the highest town from Europe, being located at the immense altitude of 1560 meters above the sea level. The high altitude represents an advantage for this tourist resort, because a high altitude is meaning very good snow conditions in the winter season and refreshing coolness in the summer period.


Davos ski resort

Davos is having slopes on a scale that few tourist resorts can, even nowadays. All the slopes are extensive, many of them being superb, long, and large, and also providing easy runs for the skiers. In addition to all this, there are excellent winter sport facilities, which will certainly make any skier to enjoy his life, in the high style.

Davos is not only a tourist resort for the adventurers, for the adrenaline addicts, but also for the ones that are looking to spend some high quality time with friends and family, and also for the ones that are interested just in relaxation.

This Swiss town is containing many luxurious restaurants and bars, where there can be taken a delicious meal and a tasty beverage. Also, for the nightlife addicts, there are lots of nightclubs where you can find all the necessary night fun and entertainment.

Davos represents a little town where there can be seen a lot of contrasts. In the old part of the town (Davos Dorf) there can be seen some old buildings, really the history of this place, but in the new part of the town there can be seen some very tall and modern buildings. This place has expanded a lot in the last decades, being not just a tourist attraction for the ski addicts, but also it is a center for the economic and politic meetings. An example would be the annual meetings that are held by inviting the most representative personalities in world economy and politics. All these immense meetings are making this city a lot more popular in comparison with the other ones in the Swiss Alps, but are also increases the traffic and lowers the Alpine original atmosphere.

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