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Dambovicioara ski resort, Romania

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The village of Dambovicioara can be found in the Arges county of Romania, located just off the centre of the country. Although not typically famous as a ski resort, Dambovicioara and the nearby town of Busteni are enjoying a newly built reputation as a location for skiing holidays. At an altitude of around 861m, Dambovicioara sees the snow annually during the winter months.

There are a number of ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty that can be accessed with relative ease. The area hosts a number of charming hotels, chalets and guesthouses all of varying tastes and budgets. The area also features a number of other outdoor activities to enjoy, including hikes through gorgeous scenery.

During your stay in Dambovicioara, you may wish to visit the Dambovicioara cave. This cave is around 250m long and features a small ramificated gallery. The cave’s ceiling is around 2m tall and the cave itself is very accessible to tourists.


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