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Crans-Montana is not a tourist resort, but more a coalition between 2 little Swiss towns: Crans-sur-Sierre and Montana-Vermala. Despite this, the intents and the purposes of these two are functioning as one, as an entire. Crans-Montana is situated in the Italian part of Switzerland, where the skiing is really good, being proper for the beginners and intermediates, but also for the more advanced skiers.

Think of classic Swiss chic and luxury and you’re thinking of Crans Montana. Crans Montana is actually the name given to the region that contains the two twin towns of Crans and Montana, which lie at an altitude of 1500 meters, above the Rhone Valley. It is hard to put your finger on whether Crans-Montana’s charm is because of its idyllic mountain village atmosphere or the fact that it is a modern holiday resort. Maybe the answer lies somewhere between the two?

The 140 kilometers of marked pistes covers every terrain from slopes through the forests to stunning mountaintop pistes overlooking both Mount Blanc and The Matterhorn and with approximately 1500 meters of vertical to choose from you are sure to find something for all tastes and abilities. From tree-lined greens to great carving reds, Crans Montana has it all.  For summer skiers there is even the Plaine Morte glacier that stretches over ten square kilometers at an altitude of 3000 m.

The village is recognized as one of the premier shopping destinations in Europe for the skiing elite and the town is well worth a look even for visitors not in need of a Gucci fix. The exploitation of the towns has left their mark and some might argue that they have lost some of their alpine charm, however there are also 63 kilometers of marked paths to stroll along and to drink in the almost 360 degree views.

This resort is claiming to be one of the sunniest in the entire Alps mountainous plateau, but this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is the fact that whenever a tourist is coming, the sky will be so clear and the sun will shine so bright, that he or she will think that here is at the sea, not in the middle of the mountains, in the Alps. But, the disadvantage is as clear as this tourist resort’s ski: there is a lack of snow in the other non-winter periods.

This is why, after the winter season, mountain biking and mountain hiking, are some of the most practiced sports in this area. Also, there are many tournaments that are held each and every year in this marvelous place, such as the European Masters Golf Tournament.

Crans-Montana, which is also known as Crans sur Sierre, is a worldwide –known and -renowned in the middle of the Swiss Alps (the Valais Swiss region), situated at more than 1500 meters on the Sierre plateau. As said some paragraphs above, this tourist resort represents an amalgamation of two separate villages: Crans and Montana.

For the ski lovers and addicts, the entire Crans-Montana region is offering more than 140 kilometers of tracks, being topped by the Plaine Morte, at an altitude of 3000 meters. This place is world-known for its freestyle events, both snowboarding and skiing ones, such as the Montana Champs Open. Also, there are numerous other sport events, which are not having any connection with winter and snow, such as The European Masters Golf Tour.

If you like sunny days on the slopes then Crans Montana is the perfect ski mountain for you! With mostly intermediate runs, the resort offers year round skiing and panoramic views of the Alps. The resort village itself is famous for its shopping, wining and dining. In September it is the host site for the European Masters Golf Tournament. All in all, skiing is a afterthought at this resort, but if you are looking for glitz and a bit of fun, this is the place to go.

flickr image by lynnstar

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