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Craigieburn Valley ski resort, New Zealand

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Craigieburn Valley is situated in the heart of New Zealand 's Southern Alps . The valley has achieved a fabulous stature among various New Zealand 's Southern Alps . The valley presents a great aura, a balmy winter fare with some fellow skiers encircling the ski area. Get bewildered and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Craigieburn range with varied ski-touring opportunities. Entertaining only to intermediate and advanced skiers, the ski resort constitutes a vertical range of 1308-1811 m, 400 hectares of ski able area and 3 fast rope tows.

The contour at Craigieburn Valley is very intoxicating and demanding. An ill-famed 600 m vertical descent of middle basin attainable by a short criss-cross trail makes Craigieburn area the centre of attraction in New Zealand . It is often compared to heli-skiing experience. Craigieburn is a gift from the snow gods.

Found in the Craigieburn Ranges of the Southern Alps, the resort is just a ninety minute drive from Christchurch International airport in New Zealand . It is immediately adjacent to the   Broken River   ski area, with which it shares a ski pass system. Skiing between the two resorts is possible with some hiking involved.

The accommodation at Craigieburn Valley is very elementary. The accommodation provides bunk style share rooms with a joint shower and toilet area. The generator provided runs for two hours in the morning and five hours at night. There are two types of accommodation lodges. The first one is Koroheke and the second one is Matuhi. During the winters there is a ski week system, where people come and stay for a weekend. All responsibilities are shared between staff and guests. There is one cook and a manager. The cleaning activity is mainly accomplished by guests. This is the nature of most club fields in New Zealand which promotes a pleasant atmosphere at the lodge.

There are limited food options but it is warm and with a great view of the field. Everyone eats together in the main lodge where there's a chores board for folks to pitch in with cooking and cleaning. The bar stays open if there are more than eight people drinking. Up to 65 people can be accommodated at any one time in economical 6-person bunkrooms or more private double rooms.

There are various ski-touring opportunities beyond the patrolled area, including quick trips into Alan's Basin or Broken River or full day trips. The resort also acts as a base for   ski touring   expeditions when conditions permit.

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