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Col de Porte ski resort, France

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This resort was built in 1935, one of France’s very first ski resorts. In the early days, there was no motor transport; the local people would ride their bikes up on Saturday morning with their skis strapped on their backs. The drag lift was custom built, mostly of wood, by Rossat, the carpenter. Today it’s Mateo France’s research station for snow studies.

It has added a snow park in recent years in response to current practice. It’s also the beginning point of the classic Chamchaude ski tour and may be the most toured mountain in the world. A dispute between several people involved in Col de Porte along with a need to replace the chair lift resulted in the closing of this resort some time ago. You will need to check with the resort itself to make certain it is now open and operating before you get very far along in your plans.


Col de Porte ski resort


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