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Located in Saint-Félicien in the region of , this cross-country ski centre offers ski lovers over 20 km (12 miles )of picturesque trails. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is a beautiful area which contains the estuary of the Saguenay River. Saguenay is the third largest region in the Quebec area.

To reach this area, visitors need to travel to Quebec and drive to Saint-Félicien. Everyone who comes to this ski hill is impressed by the beauty of the area that is enjoyed while skate skiing or cross-country skiing.

There are 7 trails, most of them average about 35 km in length. They are rated Beginners – 2 Intermediate – 2 and Expert – 3.

Visitors enjoy cross-country skiing – short trails or cross country skiing – classical technique for which there are 35 km of breathtaking wilderness to be explored.

Activities enjoyed here include Downhill skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking (10 km trail), snowshoeing (20 km trail) and Winter sliding.

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