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Chanbaishan Ski Resort, China

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China is a country with great contradictions and amazing culture. But other than that, China also has a treasure of natural beauty that provides breathtaking scenery and fantastic climate. If you are a ski enthusiast or love to enjoy snow then you must visit the ski resorts in this country. Chanbaishan Ski Resort is one such spectacular resort lying around 500 km from Changchun which is a mountainous area in the Jilin Province of North East China. Situated at a varying height of 1,640 to 1820 meters, this is a beautiful ski resort. You can have an excellent time skiing and enjoying the magnificent scenery of this place. The beautiful snow and amazingly groomed ski trails of this resort attract skiers from all over the world.

This resort provides freestyle, jumping, downhill, slalom, cross country, alpine and Helsinki skiing opportunities. Obviously, when you can enjoy so much of variety of snow sports at one place, the place will be loved by one and all. This resort is suitable for all types of skiers whether they are beginners or experts as the ski glades are of varied heights and difficulties level. The resort has a cross country ski trail that stretches to 5 kilometers in length. This beautiful trail will take you along beautiful gorges. You will ski your way through primitive alpine forest which will pose as a challenge for you. Passing through such wonderful locations is a memorable experience for everyone. This resort also has two other alpine trails which are 3 kilometers long and have vertical drop of 130 meters. These amazing trails have alpine forests lined on its either sides. The amazing location and the rush of coming down from a tall hill will make it an exceptionally enjoyable experience for you.

Changbaishan Ski Resort also has a unique feature which is treasured by every skier who visits this resort. The resort has hot-spring pools where you can take a relaxing dip after enjoying a fun day at the skiing trails. These pools are great when you are feeling tired and your muscles are stressed after a full day of skiing and falling on the snow. You will just love the feeling.

The resort also provides experienced and polite instructors who are more than willing to help you learn skiing. Whether you are a beginner or an armature skier, these coaches will prove to be a great help to you.

The ski season in this resort is from November to early May and you can reach the resort by flying to Changchun airport and then, take a bus ride. The resort has few dining and accommodation options nearby where you can enjoy your stay.


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