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Centennial Park Ski Resort, Canada

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Located near west end Toronto and maintained by the City or Toronto Parks and Recreation group, Centennial Park ski and snowboard Centre is a small alpine skiing hill. Visitor can reach here via Toronto International Airport. 

This park has day and night skiing facilities along with 1 T-bar and a conveyor lift. There are two ski trails or slopes, one for Beginner and the other for Intermediate. There is also another slope dedicated to snowboarding. Surface conditions here are frozen granular or packed powder. Base depth varies from 8 inches to 22 inches.

The operating hours are from 10AM – 9:30PM from Monday to Friday and 10AM – 9:30PM on Saturday while the ski resort remains open on Sunday from 9Am – 6PM.

Included in this location is Etobicoke Olympium, which is the best swimming facility in Ontario. There is a 50 meter competition pool and a 25 yard warm-up pool here. It also has an outstanding diving facility with two gymnasiums and areas for golfing, go-carting, soccer, football and cricket. Centennial Park has a stadium with 3,500 seat capacity where soccer or kabbadi matches are held.

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