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Canyon Ski Area, Canada

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Canyon Ski Area is the largest non-mountain alpine resort in Canada and it is located just 10 minutes east of the city of Red Deer in central Alberta. This picturesque region of rolling hills is a transitional biome between prairie and boreal forest covered with aspen poplars and spruce.

This ski area is situated about 150km from Calgary and 150 km south from the city of Edmonton in Canada.

Canyon Ski Area has a 164 meters vertical that allows people with all levels of expertise to enjoy the sport to their heart’s content. Five different lifts and thirteen runs on seventy acres of land maximize the time on the slopes. Skiers can enjoy an evening under the stars with the aid of extensive lighting facilities which illuminate the runs.

One of the major goals of this ski Area is to enlighten the population regardless of age or disability, to enjoy the sport of skiing or ski.

Canyon Snow Fests in this resort are a great way for newbie skiers to improve skiing techniques as well as for all to have fun in the snow. Events held during Canyon Snow Fests include “Dummy Downhill” – a competition in which the contestants create human dummies which race down the trail, “Snake Search” – a scavenger hunt in which children try to find snakes hidden in the area and “Mystery Mountain” – a scavenger hunt to find hidden tokens.

The ski area is open Tuesday through Sunday with varied hours of operation. The resort is closed on Mondays. Thrifty Thursdays are a fun way to enjoy more hours for a lower price. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are days when the park is open until 9PM so that skiers can enjoy the nightly displays as well as the beautiful night-time countryside at the same time.

Fantastic Skiing and snowboarding combined with experiencing the area’s beauty during a trail ride along the banks of the Red Deer River, white water rafting in the Red Deer River or horseback riding in the wilderness make Canyon Ski Area one of the best options for family vacations.

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