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Bolsterlang- Hoernerbahn ski resort, Germany

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For a pure ski experience nestled in the remote Algau Alps of Germany and away from the hustle and bustle of major tourist areas, experience the magic of the Bolsterlang- Hoernerbahn ski resort. This charming ski area sits in the mountains and is surrounded by small and picturesque German villages, which provide plenty of accommodations, restaurant options, and entertainment. The ski area is designed for all skiers and offers pristine snow and unspoiled views.


All of the lodging in Bolsterlang- Hoernerbahn is conveniently located next to the main ski area, and is not more than 500 meters from the entrance. Lodging is available in a variety of sizes to suit almost any group size. You can find everything from a one room apartment with a single bed up to a four bedroom apartment. If you need more space, you can also rent a full holiday house to give your group plenty of space to spread out and relax in your own private quarters.


The runs and trails in Bolsterlang- Hoernerbahn offer skiers a pure skiing experience, with pristine, white powder and a smooth, even ski surface. The area has five snow cannons to ensure the runs are always in perfect condition for your next run down the slope. The ski areas are serviced by seven ski lifts which are able to carry up to 6,000 passengers per hour. The slopes are designed for beginner and intermediate skiers. Altogether, you will find a total of 20 kilometers of downhill pistes and 15 kilometers of cross country runs. The resort sits at an altitude of 890 meters above sea level, and the highest point on the runs is 1,700 meters above sea level.

For families traveling with children, the ski resort has a family ski area with facilities designed with smaller skiers in mind. Parents can also drop the kids off for a quick ski lesson at the ski school and take off to the slopes for awhile without the kids.

Other Activities

Bolsterlang- Hoernerbahn is known for a multitude of activities other than skiing as well. Snowshoeing and winter hiking are favorite past-times on the area's many winter trails. Snowboarding and carving are permitted at the family ski area.

In summer months, take a nature hike through the scenic mountains and across sweeping meadows. You can also enjoy a round of golf on the beautiful and challenging course.


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