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Blidinje ski area, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Established in April 1995, Blidinje is a nature park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is situated at an altitude of 1,150 metres to 1,300 metres. The melting glaciers during the past ice ages created the field leading to Blidinje Ski area.

The ski centre is located on the slopes of the Vran and Cvrsnica Mountains. One of the ski lifts here is a Quad chair which transports skiers uphill for a distance of 575 metres at the rate of 1600 skiers per hour. There is also another smaller lift (called a baby lift) with a capacity of 560 children per hour.

The length of one of the trails is about 929 metres and the top of the trail is at 1548 metres above sea level.

Accommodations may be made here locally, right in the park for weekend houses, private houses, rooms, apartments and other rental arrangements. The unique motel called Hajducke Vrleti is located between the two mountains Vran and Cvrsnica where the Mediterranean and Continental climate meet which offers breathtaking beauty of the area. There are also a great choice of restaurants and pubs in the near vicinity.

One of the main attractions here is the beautiful Blidinje Lake which is situated 1184 metres above sea level.

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