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Bjelolasica ski resort, Croatia

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Nestled at the base of a mountain in Croatia sits the picturesque Bjelolasica ski resort. This charming resort has turned out fine Olympic skiers on its majestic slopes. On your ski holiday to Bjelolasica, you can enjoy a number of ski runs, fabulous ski conditions, and all of the comforts and charm you would expect from a quiet mountain village.

Bjelolasica ski resort


In Bjelolasica, you can find a number of comfortable accommodations. There are also several small villages surrounding the area, rich with culture and beauty, that provide lodging options for visitors to the Bjelolasica ski resort. The villages collectively provide a couple of small hotel options, as well as private rooms and bed and breakfasts, which add to the traditional and cultural ambiance of your visit to the area.

Some of of the local hotels feature the Olympic medals of and displays about Olympic athletes that have trained in the area.


The slopes of the Bjelolasica have been the training grounds for Olympic athletes, and are known for world-class skiing. The mountainous peaks at Bjelolasica offer ten runs, ranging from easy to challenging. The ten runs are serviced by six ski lifts, which are capable of lifting 5,000 passengers per hour. The resort sits at an elevation of 620 meters, and the highest ski run is at 1,392 meters above ski level. With a low elevation, snow cover can be variable. However, the ski resort does use five snow cannons to augment snowfall and help to ensure an even and smooth snow surface for skiers.

Other Activities

In addition to skiing, Bjelolasica is popular for mountain climbing on the rugged and mountainous terrain. Summer months also allow for plenty of opportunity to explore the beautiful natural landscapes with cycling, hiking, and taking nature walks. River rafting in the swift current of local rivers and hunting trips at the three local hunting areas are also exciting for the rugged adventurer.

The local area is filled with rich cultural and history. Many visitors to the area take a break from the slopes to spend time exploring the local villages and touring historical sights.


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