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Beidahu Ski Resort, China

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Great weather, easy access and snow covered slopes are some characterstics of Beidahu Ski Resort. This is a wonderful ski glade nestled between snow-capped mountains and primitive forests. This popular ski resort lies in Wulihe Town of Songhua Lake area Yongji County . This County is located around 56 km away from the Jilin Province of China.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy some great snowboarding and skiing in picturesque settings of Alpine forests and mountains, then come to Beidahu Ski Resort. This resort provides excellent skiing facilities. Thanks to the perfect climate and facilities of this resort, it was the host of 8 th and 9 th winter Olympics in China . This resort is actually surrounded by huge mountains from three sides and this proves as great geographical advantage for this resort.

This resort is very easily accessible as the airport in Jilin is very well connected with all the major cities in China like Shanghai , Guangzhou and Beijing . You can also take a train to Jilin from Tianjin , Shenyang , Beijing , Dalian , Harbin and Shanghai . Besides, you can also take a bus to the Beidahu Ski Resort.

Beidahu Ski Resort is spread in a vast area of 8,040 km. Here, you will find a varied range of ski trails. You can do cross country skiing in dense forest and also enjoy pitch that has a steep angle of 32 degrees. There are three ski trails in this resort with varied difficulty levels. These trails are suitable for all types of skiers whether beginners or experts. The weather conditions are just perfect in this resort which you will notice while going down the adventurous slopes.

Beidahu Ski Resort also has 5 rope ways which can transfer 3,300 people in an hour. This means that you won't have to wait in queues for your turn. The resort also has its very own ski coaching team that can help those who don't know how to ski or want to improve their skills. This resort also has various accommodation options.

If you are planning a ski trip to this resort then make sure to come between Mid November and April as this is the ski season in this place. Besides skiing, a great attraction in this area is the Rime scenery. This beautiful landscape is believed to be one of the four natural wonders of China after the 3 Gorges, Stone Forest in Kunming and the landscape of Guilin . This landscape is visible for 60 to 70 days in the period from October to April.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Beidahu Ski Resort on your next vacation.


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