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Bansko ski resort, Bulgaria

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Advertised as Bulgaria’s Number 1 resort, Bansko has the most modern of all facilities. A large amount of investment has gone into improving this skiing area which is located close to the river Glazane. The town of Bansko is located almost 925 metres above sea level and the skiing area is located at an altitude of 2000 metres to 2600 metres. 

Bansko ski resort

To get to this ski area, visitors may arrive through the Sofia International Airport  and then take a bus or taxi to Bansko Mountain, located 160 km away. Accommodations may be made around this mountain resort in the form of chalets, hotel rooms or apartment style rooms.

The trails on this mountain are located in two different areas. Chalin-Valog which is located at an altitude of 1100 – 1600 metres  and Shiligarnika located at 1700 – 2500 metres. A new Gondola lift takes the skiers on a 25 minute ride to the slopes of Pirin. The total length of the ski runs is about 70 km.

This location gets excellent snow for almost four to five months a year. The season starts in December and continues until May. Snowmaking is used to supplement the snow in the slopes. Snowboarding enthusiasts have their own Balkans Fun Park or take part in the competitions on the new piste on Shiligarnika.

There are many lifts on this huge ski resort including the Gondola cabin lift, five high speed Quad chairs, one Triple chair and 17 surface lifts. There are 10 baby lifts included in the 17 surface lifts.

Monitors all over the ski area display the status of the pistes and other information. Slalom and Giang Slalom runs are also offered here. In addition to all of the above facilities, there is a cross country track, a Rollbahn track and many other amenities in Bansko Ski area.


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Ski reviews

This very charming small Bulgarian town, has now become a well known modern ski resort. Lots of Brits and Irish go there, since it's cheaper than skiing in France or Italy. The town has maybe 10, 000 people, looks very unique, and in the winter is a lot of fun. Bulgarian food is super delicious, it's similar to Greek and Turkish. I loved the salads they have. Not like the salads in America, there you actually get a lot of veggies, real ones, not a big plate full of lettuce - what they serve you in America. So when you are in Bansko, you should go to one of these traditional Bulgarian Taverns. Many new small hotels, very cozy and reasonable rates compare to Western Europe. Silvia Cassidy


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