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Avoriaz ski resort, Port du Soleil ski zone, France

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The Avoriaz tourist resort is located in the huge Port du Soleil ski zone. The Port du Soleil is spread between the near-by countries of France and Switzerland, consisting from numerous alpine ski villages. This immense ski area is having a diversity of slopes, all of them catering for everyone, from the beginners to the advanced skiers. The Avoriaz vacations are ideal for the young families and groups of friends, mostly because this ski resort is having great facilities, utilities and amenities for children, and also no vehicle policy, which is ensuring the town that is safe and secure.



Although Avoriaz has been built in the 1960’s, it is distinctive from the other entire sister tourists resorts that have built in France in the same period. Being built in 1966, Avoriaz has developed on a constant basis. Most of the buildings in this ski resort are built in wood and slate, located at a big distance into the surrounding cliffs. This little French town has received many style and design awards, because of its unique general architecture.

If you, as tourist, will come in this marvelous place, don’t think before about the season in which you will come here. Winter is the season of skiing, in comparison with summer when it can be practiced golf and mountain biking and other outdoor activities, such as walking. The usage of cars is forbidden in the entire Avoriaz region, mostly because this tourist resort is designed to be fully skiable. The actual transportation around and in the ski resort is provided by horse-drawn sleights, during the entire winter period.

In addition to its world-renown slopes, Avoriaz is having more than 100 kilometers of off-piste terrain in which there is possible skiing. Avoriaz is also a most important and much popular tourist resort among the snowboarders. Nowadays, there are numerous purpose built terrain parks, for all types of snowboarders (even for the beginners), which were created and developed for a constant and hard usage. There is a massive 300 meters drop, known also as “the wall”, which is one of the most challenging ski and snowboard run in the entire Europe, providing a hard test to all the experimented skiers, snowboarders and other mountain riders.

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