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Auli ski resort, India

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Come ski the Himalyas! Considered the most popular ski resort in India, is a smaller and more laid back ski resort compared to European resorts but offers a variety of terrain for all difficulty levels, some unexplored offering a challenge to experienced skiers as well as some of the most spectacular views in the world. Home of Asia's longest - 4 km - cable car to take you to new heights and some incredible skiing, Auli also offers outstanding snow coverage (3m deep) throughout the season because of its altitude and being part of the Himalayas.

Auli is not the biggest or even best resort in the world of skiing, but having the ability to ski in the Himalaya's and be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty makes it worth the trip. For the Après Ski experience, Auli is very low key and laid back offering a relaxing evening in front of a fire with delicious a mug of cocoa or chai tea.

Auli ski resort, India

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