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Alshen ski resort, China

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The Alshan ski resort is said to be among the best resorts in China with a whopping 180 days of snow (from November to April). The Olympic skiing team uses the Alshan ski resort as one of its training bases. The resort, surrounded by a picturesque, primitive forest, offers some very steep slopes - ideal for advanced skiers - and about 10 square kilometers of pristine terrain suitable for downhill as well as cross-country skiing.

Alshen ski resort, China

The temperatures in winter can get very low (up to -25°C in December and January) so you are well-advised to pack warmly if you plan on enjoying the snow here. The resort is divided into the West Hill Ski Terrain and the East Hill Ski Terrain; the first being more suitable for advanced skiers, the latter being better suited for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Accommodation is available in a wide range of hotels. For a day without skiing, visitors can enjoy one of the many activities organized by the resort, such as archery, horse-racing, and hunting.
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