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Alp 2500 in Baixa Cerdanya, Spain

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Alp 2500 is a renowned ski resort, located in Baixa Cerdanya, somewhere in the Spanish Pyrenees. This ski resort includes two small towns: La Molina and Masella. Actually, these two resorts were united to form Alp 2500. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Iberian Peninsula. It has more than 61 kilometers of ski trails, ranging from 1600 to 2500 meters. Most of them are facing north, and this is one motive why the ski trails are just superb.

The entire ski resort represents a welcoming environment for tourists and since 1998 the snow was rated as being good quality. There are 113 kilometers of ski trails and over 94 runs designed to suit both beginners and experts alike. The Masella side represents the crown jewel of the domain, due to the Temps de Neu run, a 5 kilometers descent dropping 935 meters from the high peak of La Tosa at 2535 meters through the vigorous trees down to the Pla de Masella at 1600 meters. Alp 2500 is a tourist attraction, having numerous bars and restaurants where tourists can enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

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