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Adelboden ski resort, Switzerland

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Adelboden is an old and traditional Swiss original mountain village, which is located in the west of the Berner Oberland region. Throughout this marvelous place is flowing the Engstlige River, which is flowing till into the Kander River. This Swiss tourist resort is located on a terrace that is looking south to the Engstlige waterfalls, offering all the time just sunny and skinny days (this place is enjoying more than 300 sunny days per year).

The entire place is strong wooded, offering its visitors with mountain plateaus with alpine and sub-alpine vegetation. Also, the entire region is occupied by mountain peaks, such as Lohner (3049 meters) and Stegner (3146).

This tourist resort is mainly is designated more to the young families, rather to the group of friends. Although all this, anybody is welcomed here. Adelboden is currently having more than 24 hotels and 3 camping sites, together with numerous big apartment complexes.

For the ones that are interested in where to eat and drink, there are more than 80 restaurants and hotels that are currently activating on a large area, containing not only the city center, but also its near surroundings. Also, there are numerous nightclubs, which will surely attract you, your family and your friends, if you are interested in a little bit of entertainment and fun.

Adelboden ski resort

In the summer period there are more than 200 kilometers of hiking trials, from the sedate walks to the alpine climbing-routes. All these hiking trails that are active in the summer period are completely transforming into ski routes, in the winter season. Additional, there are numerous mountain bike routes, which are perfect for the lovers of this mountain sport. Do not forget that Switzerland is having a very active population, population which knows that sport practicing is much important. So, this aspect is showing the fact that Adelbolden, like any other Swiss resort, is having new and modern sport facilities and amenities. Also, all of the trails and runs are perfect for snowboarding, mostly for the free ride and freestyle runs.

In conclusion, Adelnoden represents the perfect tourist destination for the skiers that are looking forward to practice winter sports, and make slaloms on the long mountain trails and runs.

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