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Abetone ski resort, Italy

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Abetone is one of the most important resorts in the Apennine. It is situated in a state forest on the Modena to San Marcello Road.

Abetone ski resort

Actually, this tourist resort is located near the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romangna. There are 20 kilometers of ski slopes that have snow making facilities. However, the total length of ski-slopes is over 80 kilometers. Some of the ski slopes reach altitudes of up to 1900 meters. In addition, Abetone has 2 ski schools.

It is located in the mountain pass of the same name. The facilities consist of 4 cable-lifts fully fitted with the latest technologies, 8 long ski lifts and 10 chair lifts. In Abetone are numerous typical Tuscan-style pubs, restaurants and clubs. It is a town that has an intense nightlife.

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