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Strandafjellet ski resort, Norway

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One of Norway's best known off-piste areas is Strandafjellet. This is the largest ski centre between Oppdal and Voss, and has also been host to the Womens World Cup Downhill and Slalom. There's lots of powder snow to go around in the "Alps of Sunnmore". Stranda is has a beautiful setting in the typical rugged wilderness of Norway. The ski resort features 21 kilometres of downhill slopes with 17 individual pistes. There are seven lifts servicing the resort, with a new quad chair is in the works. There are also 15 kilometres of cross country ski trails should you prefer trekking out for a day.

Stranda also features a children's area and terrain park at Fursettrekket. The snow park also has flood lights so riders can get out and play in the park at night. Night skiing is available in the rest of the resort as well.

Best known for its off-piste opportunities, Stranda offers guided tours into the backcountry for those who are inexperienced or not comfortable going out on their own. Be sure to check out the avalanche warnings before heading out and be sure to enjoy gliding through that amazing powder snow on the way down! There are also areas on Stranda to practice backcountry skiing and snowboarding on ungroomed runs.

Strandafjellet ski resort

Alperittet is an annual event held at Stranda. It's a skiing and snowboarding race that starts from the summit of Roaldshorn and ends by the Fiords in downtown Stranda. It's a fun event to watch, or even take part in and takes place in February every year.

In the resort village you have a choice between cabins and hotels, restaurants and cafes. As everywhere in Norway you'll find a lively and lovely after ski gathering where you can share your exciting tales of the backcountry.

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