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Ski Resorts with Long Seasons

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Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland has one of the longest seasons in the world due to its enviable location.  It is set in the middle of the European Alps, surrounded by several of the highest peaks in the area.  The altitude of the Zermatt ski resort ranges from 1,620 meters to 3,820 meters (5,320 – 12,530 feet) which is the perfect height for an extended ski season.  It is actually the longest ski season of all of the ski resorts located in the European Alps, running from late November until the beginning of May.                    

Ski Resorts with long seasons

Another bonus at Zermatt is that is has very long lift operating hours, allowing you to make the most of each day.  The lifts will generally open at 8am and remain open to between 4.30pm and 6.00pm depending on the levels of light.  The ski season at Zermatt is made even longer by the fact that skiers are able to ski on the glaciers there during the summer months.  There are eight lifts and 25 km of trails that stay open throughout the summer to allow access to the glacier skiing.    

The ski resort with the longest season in the world is something a little unconventional that will probably not be the first destination that you think of when you start planning a skiing holiday.  The truth is that there is one place where you can ski on real snow any day of the year.  That place is Ski Dubai located in the middle of the desert in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  This unusual ski destination is actually the first indoor ski resort to be built in the Middle East, and it is nothing short of remarkable.  It covers a total of 22,500 square meters in which a realistic snow setting is miraculously recreated. 

There are 5 runs with different levels of difficulty, based on the height and gradient.  The longest run extends for a distance of 400 meters and it has a drop of more than 60 meters.  This makes it the only indoor black run in the world!  There is also a 90 meter long quarter pipe which is very popular with snowboarders.        

Where the season is long for the area

Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort, Colorado, USA   Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort, Colorado, USA
The ski season at Arapahoe runs from October 15th and ends on June 15th. That is eight months of hardcore skiing. The extremely high elevation affords it the luxury of being a resort with an incredibly long season.
Zermatt, Switzerland   Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt has one of the longest ski seasons in the area. It runs from late November all the way to the beginning of May. Glacier skiing at Zermatt is open all summer.
Bansko, Bulgaria   Bansko, Bulgaria
Bansko has the longest ski season in the region. The season runs from December 15th through May 15th which is quite long for the area.
_parent   Stubai Valley, Austria
Stubai is the largest year round ski facility in Austria. There is a 100% guarantee of natural snow all year. How incredible is that? Stubai Valley is the place for true skiers to experience. Skiing a true glacier is an absolutely spectacular time.
Passo Tonale, Presena Glacier, Italy   Passo Tonale, Presena Glacier, Italy
The total ski season at Pass Tonale runs from October through the end of June. This includes glacier skiing from the beginning of May until the end of June. This makes Passo Tonale a versatile resort to ski.
Sierra Nevada, Grenada, Spain  

Sierra Nevada, Grenada, Spain
The ski season at Sierra Nevada starts in the beginning of December and ends early May. It may not sound like a very long season but for the area, it is quite long. The snowmaking abilities that the resort has help keep the slopes skiable for those months.

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