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Ski resorts in Japan have become famous for the high quality of their champagne powder.  Japan is blessed with perfect weather conditions for the creation of deep, dry powder thanks to the cold winds bringing the fresh snow and freezing atmospheric conditions from Siberia.  The most famous of all the Japanese ski resorts when it comes to consistently high quality powder, is Niseko.     


Resorts with best powder


Niseko ski resort is located in the province of Hokkaido and it is the number one choice for powder lovers around the world.  The resort has a very relaxed and tolerant approach to off-piste skiing, which is welcome news for those who want to get out there and enjoy the powdery goodness of the ungroomed areas of the resort.  There are also some great opportunities for skiing or boarding in deep powder bowls or between the trees.   

Another great thing about Niseko is that it is so well-equipped to handle the cold-temperatures.  It’s the extreme cold that creates the powder, but fortunately at this resort you won’t need to worry about freezing.  The resort is fitted with a range of excellent enclosed gondolas and hooded chair lifts which make getting up the mountain a warm and comfortable experience.    

There is some debate over where to find the best powder in North America, but for many people, the obvious answer is Fernie in Canada.  Fernie is located in the Rocky Mountains, around 3 hours from Calgary, and it is the fourth largest resort in the country.  The resort extends across 2,504 acres and it is always covered with fresh powder that the area has become famous for.  There are five alpine bowls delivering powder down into the tree lined runs and chutes, making it a powder lover’s dream come true.  A good set of black and double-black diamond runs add further excitement for expert skiers.       

Some other resorts good for powder

Craigieburn Valley Ski Area   Craigieburn Valley Ski Area, New Zealand
Craigieburn is a no frills ski area. The terrain is not groomed. The narrow chutes and open powder bowls are exceptional. If you like your snow deep and your trails steep, you will love Craigieburn Valley Ski Area. This area is thrilling and challenging for even world class skiers.
Whitewater Ski Resort   Whitewater Ski Resort, British Colombia, Canada
The powder at Whitewater is amazing. With an average snowfall of nearly 400 inches per year, the snow is always deep and fresh. There are trails to please all levels of skiers.
Los Penitentes ski resort   Los Penitentes, Mendoza, Argentina
Los Penitentes is well known for its high quality powder. 11 of the 28 trails are used by world class competitive skiers. There are many things to do après ski. A bar, disco, restaurant and hotel are located right inside the ski area.
Shiga Kogan Ski Resort   Shiga Kogan Ski Resort, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Skiers searching for the ultimate powder should visit Shiga Kogan. This is the biggest ski area in all of Japan. The terrain is suitable for all skill levels and the views are breathtaking.
Andermatt, Switzerland   Andermatt, Switzerland
The mountain is incredibly huge and steep but is covered with some of the best powder ever. Andermatt Ski Resort is the true expert level skier’s paradise. The village is quaint and is on the river. It gives visitors a calming feeling until they see the monstrous mountain.


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