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Malbun is Liechtenstein’s only ski area, but with five lifts this tiny country probably has more lifts per head of population than Switzerland or Austria! The lifts rise up from Malbun village which is at 1600 meters to peaks on either side of the valley, with the highest one being 200 meters over sea level. There are 15 slopes, including a small black, totalling 23 kilometres. The resort is close to the capital of Vaduz (which is a bit stupid to say as EVERYTHING in Liechtenstein is close to Vaduz!) and only 80 kilometres away from Zurich.

There are a handful of hotels and restaurants in the village along with a couple of self-catering chalets. The resort prides itself on un-crowded, wide open pistes and “skiing as it once was”, it is a unique and romantic hide-away and above all a great dinner table conversation – “we went skiing in Liechtenstein!”

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