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Longest ski runs

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The longest ski run in the world can be found in the Chamonix ski resort in France.  This run is known as Vallee Blanche and it goes for a staggering distance of 22km or 14.7 miles.  It begins at a height of 12,605 feet at a point known as Aiguille du Midi and it continues all the way down to the Chamonix village.  It is important to note that parts of this run are off-piste and should not be travelled without an experienced guide.       

Longest ski runs

The longest run on the world that doesn’t include any off-piste skiing is the Sarenne run in the Alpe d’Huez ski resort in central France.  This run is approximately 19km and almost all of it is a designated black run.   

If you are interested in skiing the longest run in Colorado, then you should head straight for Vail.  Here you will find the Riva Ridge run which extends for 4.5 miles through a variety of terrain.  This run is graded as both black and blue at the beginning and then green towards the bottom, so it is only advisable for advanced skiers.   

The longest run in the United States is situated in the Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Wyoming.  This resort has a 4,139 vertical foot drop down from the summit of Rendezvous Peak.  This point is accessed via a state of the art aerial tram that was recently installed at a cost of $31 million.     

The mountains of Japan also have some great long runs that successfully combine the thrill of waist deep powder with sprawling runs.  The longest run in Japan can be found at Myoko Suginohara Resort.  This resort is easily accessible from Tokyo and the length of the longest run is around 5.3 miles.   

The longest ski run in Australia is found at the Thredbo ski Resort in the state of New South Wales.  This run extends for around 3.5 miles.      

Resorts with long ski runs

Vail skiing   Vail, Colorado, USA
Vail boasts a four and half mile trail that starts at black and goes to intermediate and back to advanced, ending in a short green run at the base. This is the longest run in North America.
Chamonix skiing   Chamonix, Chamonix Mont Blanc, France
Vallee Blanche at Chamonix is reported to be the longest ski run in the entire world. It is reportedly 13 and 7/10’s of a mile long. The vertical drop is over 9,200 feet! This is a place to experience if you’re looking to have a long run with great views.
  Sarenne, Alpe D’ Huez, French Alps, France
At almost 10 miles long, Sarenne has one of the longest ski runs. This is rated as a black level trail. Almost monthly, this trail is open for night skiing which is a totally awesome experience.
Zermatt ski resort  

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt is an incredible ski area with super long trails. At the bottom of the Matterhorn, the skiing is tremendous. There are no cars in the area. Visitors must come by rail, taxi or bus.

Ischgl ski resort   Ischgl
Ski into Switzerland from Austria on the Duty Free Run.


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