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What if I were to tell you that there is a resort in Sweden, which is known by less than 1% of recreational skiers but raved about by 100% of the professional skiing community that have trained, raced or practiced there. This is Kåbbdalis, located miles away from anywhere (the nearest airport is 140 kilometres away ay Luleå) but has a firm place in the hearts of anyone that has skied there. The slopes are so good and the snow so certain, that most of the Scandinavian teams train here regularly and secretly love the demanding nature of the skiing.

The four lifts extend upwards from the hotel at the base of the resort and cover nine slopes, an off-piste area, a children’s area and a terrain park. There is also chance to try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen lake, snow scooters or simply relax in one of the cosy mountain lodges

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