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Cross Country Skiing

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The premier destination for cross country skiing in the world is definitely Seefeld in Austria.  Here you will find more than 250 km of marked cross country trails to suit all levels of cross country skiing. 

You will also have the opportunity to ski on the courses that were used in the 1976 Winter Olympic Games and the 1985 cross country world championships.  Skiing these professional courses is a great way to experience what the cross country skiers at the highest level go through.

Cross Country Skiing

Seefeld also has excellent facilities for people who are new to the sport of cross country skiing.  Large areas have very gentle inclines, making it the perfect environment for learning the skills.  They also have the Olympia Sports Center which is a world class training facility that is guaranteed to get your cross country skiing muscles into shape. 

Another bonus of Seefeld is the illuminated trails on certain nights of the week which give you even more time to enjoy cross country skiing during the dark winter months.  The trails are groomed each day and they present a variety of turns, dips, climbs and downhill sections to remain interesting.  It is recommended that you take a trail map with you when exploring Seefeld as the interlocking trail system can become quite confusing.

Another excellent resort for cross country skiing in Europe is Selva Val Gardena in Italy.  At Selva there is around 98 kms of cross country trial, which includes some quite challenging terrain.  This makes it a very popular option for more experienced cross country skiers who want to put their skills and endurance to the test.  You can take guided cross country ski tours which take in the most scenic areas of the resort.  And then, of course, at the end of the day you can lay back and ease your aching muscles while enjoying some delicious local pizza!     

Cross country ski resorts

  Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck is among the oldest of ski resorts in Europe. There are more than 120 miles of trails for cross country skiers. Instruction is available at quite reasonable fees. Alpine skiing is also available so there are a wide variety of activities for which to participate.
Zermatt, Switzerland   Zermatt, Switzerland
Although it doesn’t have the largest area for cross country skiing, it does have some magnificent views. There are about 18 miles of cross country trails which are usually opened from December through March.
Dobbiaco, Italy   Dobbiaco, Italy
Dobbiaco is considered by many to be the best place for cross country skiing in all of Europe. The prepared trails at Dobbiaco are varied and there are trails to suit all levels of cross country skiers.
    Achenkirch, Austria
The numerous trails and varied skill levels of terrain make Achenkirch one of the best places to cross country ski. The lower areas are intended for beginners and will help them gain more confidence in the sport.
    Royal Gorge Ski Resort, Soda Springs, California, USA
With over 100 miles of skiable trails, Royal Gorge is one of the largest cross country ski resorts in North America. The varied terrain makes it a great place for all levels of Nordic skiers. Lessons are available at reasonable prices.


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