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5 essential tips for getting fit for the slopes this winter

Let’s face it, the winter months can be a little depressing with the long nights and cold weather, and once Christmas is over most people are just waiting for spring. However, for some people, winter does bring something to look forward to – the ski season. It always comes at a slightly awkward time of year – one with lots of food, drink and not much exercise! Going to the slopes unfit is a sure fire way to injure yourself and so getting fit is essential. Follow our 5 essential tips to get in shape to really make the most of your trip to the slopes.


Lose weight

If you have spent the Christmas period overindulging then you really should try to shift some of those festive pounds. Once Christmas is over, start eating healthily again as having excess weight could mean that you strain or twist something as a result of the weight you can’t quite control. You can also use a fat binder from the likes of XLS medical to help with your efforts.


Increase flexibility

Being supple and flexible is very important to prevent injuries and making sure that any time you overstretch it doesn’t result in torn muscles and strained ligaments. To increase your flexibility you should stretch before and after you exercise and also consider doing some yoga or Pilates to get those muscles springing.


Increase endurance

Some people think that skiing is simply gliding down the slopes and takes no effort, when in reality it is quite the opposite. Cardiovascular endurance is extremely important to keep you going day after day – otherwise you won’t get your value for money.


Improved strength

As well as endurance, strength is essential. Fast turns in skiing require a lot of strength so if you want to keep up, building the strength in your legs and core is vital, unless you want to get left behind. Boosting your core is also very important for balance – and you’ll need a lot of that! Focus on your quads in particular, because this is the main muscle group you work in the slightly crouched skiing position.


Strengthen your mind

As well as being physically prepared you should also prepare yourself mentally. Make sure you research the snow conditions and all of the equipment you will be using. Skiing is a lot of fun but can also be dangerous so you should be fully prepared before you set off. If you have never been before it is also advisable to take lessons, as picking up the basics can be tricky. Once you’ve got the hang of it however, they’ll be no stopping you and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been before!

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